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Our Mission

Who We Are

Building Bridges LRC is a 501(c)(3) religious nonprofit serving the homeless population in Tarrant county.
We are dedicated to effecting change in our community by addressing the issues affecting the homeless and provide resources to help
Individuals and families re-enter society. Our mission includes feeding,clothing,discipling,and mentoring the homeless as they work towards re-entering society. We would eventually like to open a facility that would provide housing for those participating in our program. We would also include job training as well as job placement for our clients.
With your help we can accomplish our goal!

Meet our team


We couldn’t do what we do, without the most amazing staff. Impact comes when you surround yourselves with success.


To serve others, takes a true servant’s heart. Whether you are new to the team, or a long time volunteer. Thanks for your heart to serve.

Board Members

Our incredible Board is led by our Executive Board member, Mike Newcomb. He has ultimate say in our decisions and the direction we take.

Ministry Partners

Learning how to be effective in ministry and the resources it takes to go and do ministry, would not be possible without support from others. Thank you for allowing us to come along side of you in helping meet the needs of others.

Meet our team

As president of BUILDING BRIDGES LRC, I am committed to create change in the lives of our most vulnerable. I am committed to working with our friends without homes in Tarrant county, and help them find the path back to being a productive member of society.

Kenny Thomison/President Founder

With 20+ years in ministry Charita has always had a heart for women and children's ministry. She brings a lot of experience to BUILDING BRIDGES LRC as our vice-president and director of womens and childrens ministry.

Charita Gresham/Vice Pres

Hiram has been in some form of ministry for a good number of years and was eager to accept the assignment of secretary and treasurer for BUILDING BRIDGES LRC. In addition Hiram serves as the director of our mens ministry. We are so glad he is part of our team!

Hiram Gresham/Secretary Treasurer

As senior pastor of Life Fellowship church in Hurst Texas, Mike was a perfect fit for our board of directors. His knowledge and wisdom in ministry is crucial to our effort. He also brings spiritual guidance as we navigate our journey. What an honor to have him serve on our board.

Mike Newcomb/Executive Board Member

We just can't say enough about Sarah. She is so involved with outreach that it was a no-brainer to include her on our board of directors. She works tirelessly to accomplish any task she is asked to be involved in. We appreciate all her hard work!

Sarah Peden/Board Member

We are pleased to welcome Frankie Moeller to our board. Frankie comes with a great deal of experience in the local business sector and will be a valued member of our board.

Frankie Moeller/Board Member

Jeff is quite an outstanding young man. Having overcome many challenges in his own life he is a perfect fit for an organization dealing with people with life challenges. As a member of our board of directors Jeffs insight is invaluable.

Jeff Von Rosenburg/Board Member

Kellie brings a lot of experience to the table. As the director of the food pantry for Life Fellowship it seemed only natural that she coordinate our part of the food pantry as well. Kellie also directs our kitchen staff at our outreach events. She is truly a blessing.

Kellie Von Rosenburg/Director Food Pantry

As our volunteers director Jack is responsible for assigning volunteers to specific tasks. With his vast knowledge in the retail food industry he is well equipped for this assignment. We are very fortunate to have him on our team.

Jack Peden/Director Volunteers

Extraordinary Experiences

Meet Denise.

My first interaction with this lady was anything but pleasant. She whispered to me, “I’ll kill you” then during our worship service she became very aggressive and began screaming
in anger and disrupting the service. I remember thinking what have i gotten myself into!
Denise suffers from mental illness and is very paranoid. She will be calm and pleasant one
minute and then without warning she explodes.
After being around her for a couple of months I developed a bond with Denise. I remember
during one of her episodes she turned and pointed at me and declared “not guilty”
As of that moment a trust was formed and now when Denise becomes upset I am able to simply
walk up to her and she immediately calms down.
Just one of the many stories of how small steps make a huge difference!

Our Core Values

BUILDING BRIDGES LRC is committed to effecting change in the lives of our clients.
We hold fast to certain core values that are essential in the restoration process.
We believe that:

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