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Building Bridges LRC

changing lives one soul at a time

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Building Bridges LRC

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Building Bridges LRC

Small Steps make a huge difference!

Family Matters

Family mentors

Kenny is truly special- the mentorship we have received not only as individuals but also as a
family has been such a blessing. The kindness and grace to share not only personal
experiences but help us navigate the next steps as we become better versions of ourselves
have far exceeded what I could have imagined. The constant support has been invaluable.

Joe knows

Jesus is changing my life!

I was blind, I let drugs and alcohol take me down, I hit rock bottom, I let depression take me to an all-time low.

I know God has sent Kenny to guide me and I am truly blessed. Kenny and Building Bridges LRC, are helping me get back on my feet. I didn’t realize that Satan was trying to take me down until my eyes were opened.

If it weren’t for Building Bridges LRC I don’t know where I’d be! Building Bridges LRC got involved in my life and let me see what I’d been missing. Building Bridges LRC has opened my heart, and now I am able to help Kenny as he helps others.

Thank God, He placed Building Bridges LRC into my path.

Getting started

At BUILDING BRIDGES LRC we know that our volunteers are the heartblood of the ministry. Without you we would not be able to do what we do. To all of those who currently volunteer we offer our greatest appreciation. If you are not currently a volunteer at BUILDING BRIDGES LRC but think you might like to be, we would love to have you join us. Here are some volunteer positions. Maybe you would enjoy serving the meals or maybe preparing meals is more your style. We are always happy to have you help out. Or maybe you would consider mentoring someone, or maybe you can teach someone a skill to use in the workforce. We also want to provide LIFE SKILLS training. Maybe that's your thing. Whatever your interested in volunteering to do we would be happy to have you join us. To volunteer for any position here is what to do:

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Ready to Volunteer?

We are always looking to share the ministry work with others who have a heart to serve. Please come and join the team. Click below

Have extra clothes to donate?

Click this link to our Blog to find out how to donate.

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Rental/Utility Assistance

Click this link to our Blog to find out how to help others with Rental/Utility Assistance.

Why give to Building Bridges LRC?

BUILDING BRIDGES LRC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit assisting the homeless in Tarrant County. We provide food, clothing, hygiene products to our friends without homes. We also provide discipleship classes, life skills training, personal mentoring, as well as assist with job training and job

Our vision moving forward is to open a Discipleship Home where we can also provide temporary housing for those who want to make a change in their lives.

We can’t accomplish anything without you!!

By simply making a monthly donation of $50 you will be changing lives eternally. If you can’t make a monthly pledge of $50 consider $25 instead. If you are unable to commit to our monthly pledge consider a onetime donation of any size. You make our ministry work possible. It is through your donations that we continue to help those in need!!
We accept donations through PayPal and Venmo.
Please join us, in “Changing lives one soul at a time”

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