Community CleanUp

If you’ve ever driven down E. Lancaster in the area of the shelters, I’m sure you’ve seen just how littered the streets are with trash. Some of it is weeks, if not months old.

I’m not sure exactlywho is responsible for cleaning the trash up, but I know it needs to be done.

So, on October the 15th of 2022 BUILDING BRIDGES LRC will lead a team of volunteers, as well as a team of our friends without homes to help clean up the neighborhood!

We will begin at 330pm and continue until we are done or run out of daylight. This combined effort is to instill the value of cleaning up after themselves into this community. At this point every program offered to our homeless is a handout. It is my personal observation that when I labor for something, it brings a sense of accomplishment and an ownership that causes me to take pride in what i’ve done.

This is our hope for this event. That the sense of accomplishment causes a chain reaction in the neighborhood and they begin to care for it themselves.

We are truly making a difference in this community.

Come join us on the 15th and watch God change the lives of men and women.

To Volunteer or Donate please click below:

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